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Lethbridge: A tale of love in a time of war

A love story set against the backdrop of the First World War, the events in Lethbridge unfold in disparate locales, from London to Boston, from Maine to Niagara Falls, from the trenches of wartime France to the military hospitals of England. Yet the lives of its three protagonists come together in one place: the frontier western Canadian city of Lethbridge, Alberta.

Inspired by a true story, Lethbridge author Terry McConnell tells the tale of an English lad abandoned by his family, and a young American escaping the tyranny of his own father. Both come to Lethbridge in search of a future and find themselves drawn to a pretty Scottish immigrant who struggles with her own sense of destiny. What follows charts the future for all three in ways none of them could have foreseen.


This is their story.

Law & Disorder: Confessions of a District Attorney

For more than 30 years, Mike Bradbury sought justice for the victims of crime and punishment for those responsible, while working as a prosecutor in the DA’s office in Ventura County, California. In that time, he took on cold-blooded killers, mobsters, gang members, second story artists and, perhaps most insidious of all, other lawyers.

Yet his time on the front lines in pursuit of justice involved more than just arguing guilt or innocence in front of judge and jury. He was called on to confront criminals with the business end of a gun, and to investigate what were often gruesome crimes wherever and whenever they happened.


These are his stories.

The Puck Talks Here: The amazing life and turbulent times of Peter Pocklington

Peter Pocklington rapidly gained his place in Canada’s national consciousness as "Peter Puck" - the maverick entrepreneur from oil-rich Alberta who made millions, employed thousands, bucked the political establishment, was the hostage in a famous kidnapping and, most prominently of all, transformed the Edmonton Oilers into the best and most successful hockey team in history.


Then, in a few short years, he went from hero to villain – and when he sent Wayne Gretzky, Canada’s most revered hockey player, to California, his effigy was burned and his reputation trashed. In The Puck Talks Here, Pocklington’s remarkable life is recounted in page-turning fashion – from glorious heights to disheartening depths and, finally, to inspired renewal.

I'd Trade Him Again: Wayne Gretzky & Peter Pocklington

Peter Pocklington brought the people of Edmonton a winning franchise and the most skilled player in hockey history: The Great One, Wayne Gretzky.

This book consists of seven chapters as they were originally published in Peter Pocklington's biography "I'd Trade Him Again: on Gretzky, Politics and the Pursuit of the Perfect Deal."


The selected content tell the fascinating story of the flamboyant entrepreneur's tenure of the Edmonton Oilers, from its origins as a WHA team to its heights as an NHL powerhouse.

Cabbage Brain: A Englishman's Journey to American Success

"When I lived in England, I had nothing in my head but cabbage. But after I went to America, I developed a brain."


Self-made millionaire shares his life story, from his early years surviving the Blitz in England to his "fake it til you make it" approach to life in his newfound home in Marin County, California. It's an intriguing read of one immigrant's determination and success.

"I may have been born in Britain; I may have been raised there. I may have served with pride in Her Majesty’s armed forces. Nevertheless, I refused to accept that my fate and fortune were dependent on who I was related to, or what part of the country I lived in, what schools I attended, or what I did for a living. That is the main reason why, by the time my path crossed theirs, I was an American—and damn proud of it."

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