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The Puck Talks Here was previously published by Fenn Publishing Company Ltd. under the title I’d Trade Him Again (first printing 2009, updated paperback printing 2010). This third manuscript is identical to the second printing, but the authors have chosen to retitle the book so as to more accurately, in their opinion, reflect the content.

The Puck Talks Here Cover
I'd Trade Him Again Cover

Media reviews

“A lively insider’s read.”

Garth Woolsey, Toronto Star

“A hell of a life and a hell of a book... I couldn’t put it down.”

Dan Tencer, 630 CHED Radio

"It’s clear McConnell and Nye wouldn’t let Pocklington spin his take without checks and balances... They have done a professional job.”

Kevin Allen, USA Today

Reader reviews

“As great as the Great One. Five stars. I loved it.”

Shelley Zimmel, ON

"I really liked this book. While many people in the hockey world hate on Pocklington for the trade, this book really gives you an insight into business at that time and what was involved in the running of the Oilers. It really was an eye opener and changed the way i looked at the entire trade."


Terry McConnell knows how to tell a good story

Lethbridge is a wonderful story, roughly based on the history of the McConnell family in Canada. The story begins at the start of the 20th century. It is uniquely Canadian. Terry skillfully covers many Canadian issues of the day, such as prohibition in the United States, Canada's role in WWI, the Barnardo Boys sent to Canada, and American attitudes to the European conflict. 


Terry weaves all these stories into the wonderful love story of his grandmother.


When facts are required, Lethbridge is extremely well-researched and accurate. It could serve as a history book for young people beginning to learn about WWI.


Terry takes an extremely complex and difficult time in history and makes it a compelling story. By using the history of his own family, Terry makes Canada and WWI come to life. This is simply a wonderful Canadian novel that should launch Terry to national prominence as a writer and historian.

Walter O'Rourke, Google Books

Kept me engaged from beginning to end

I don't often write book reviews and just as rarely do I give a book five stars. It's got to be a standout. Terry McConnell's Lethbridge is just that and one of the best stories I've read in a long time.


It's a fascinating tale inspired by the author's own family history and how it all came together in Lethbridge, Alberta. An important part of the book is the lead-up to the Canadian army's seizure of Vimy Ridge in 1917, leaving me surprised at how little I really know about a significant event in Canadian history.


But that was just one element of many that kept me engaged from beginning to end. At one point I wondered if there might be a sequel. I didn't want such a good story to come to an end.

Tony Richards,

Law & Disorder Cover

These two men have crafted a good read

Law & Disorder is a must-read insight into how the criminal justice system works, and why sometimes it doesn’t. Mike Bradbury’s memoir features 20 fascinating crime stories told through the filter of a good guy who never seemed to sleep whenever there were bad guys to catch. Veteran biographer Terry McConnell, with a penchant for editing and a gift for storytelling, has chosen and honed the perfect stories that bring Bradbury's legacy to life, making what could have been homespun recollections into 16 terrific chapters that brim with suspense, love, family, murders, hookers, and cunning culprits. Together, these two men have crafted a great read.
Jaron Summers. screenwriter, L.A.

Cabbage Brain Cover

The American dream comes true for a young lad from England through hard work and determination

This book tells the story of a young lad’s journey from England to America with playful exuberance. It is truly a story of what happens when one embraces an entrepreneurial spirit and realizing that anything that happens is an educational opportunity.
The American dream documented through the prose of Dennis Horne. It is the quintessential success story of a man who achieves the pinnacle of propersperity. It is told with passion and humor. It is a triumph of one man’s life through hard work, and a quest for learning. It is the story of a man who loves family and whose proudest achievement is being a father to his three daughters and loving wife. It is a testimony to the American spirit where opportunities can only be limited by one’s imagination.


A great story of a Brit

A great story of a Brit. coming to the US for the American opportunity. Humorously, and honestly written, high lighting successes and failures.
Arriving with virtually nothing and showing what hard work and determination can accomplish.
A very enjoyable read.

R.V. Taylor,

Dreams forge Reality

This book was a fabulous account of the power of desire and determination to forge your future.
Very entertaining and informative! Loved it!
Candy G.,

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